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Tyne Bridge Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne, a city of resilience, charm, and a whole lot of character. It's a place where history meets innovation, where industrial heritage blends seamlessly with a thriving cultural scene. But let's be honest, when it comes to PR in the Toon, it's a different ball game. What works in London or Manchester might fall flat here. Why?Because Novocastrians are a breed apart. They're proud, passionate, and have a unique sense of humor (and dialect!) that needs to be understood and embraced.

Deciphering the Newcastle PR Code

Local Pride Runs Deep: Novocastrians are fiercely loyal to their city. This isn't just about slapping a Tyne Bridge logo on everything. It's about demonstrating a genuine understanding and appreciation of the local culture.

Media Landscape: A Geordie Tapestry: Forget national press – it's all about local outlets here. The Chronicle Live, The Journal, and even hyperlocal blogs wield significant influence. Get to know the key players and tailor your pitches accordingly.

Word-of-Mouth: The Geordie Grapevine: Newcastle is a tight-knit community. Word travels fast. Build relationships, nurture your reputation, and let the Geordie grapevine do its magic.

5 Newcastle PR Strategies That Get Tongues Wagging

  1. Partner with Geordie Influencers: Think beyond Instagram celebrities. Local bloggers, community leaders, and even passionate foodies can be your PR secret weapon. Their authentic voices resonate deeply with the local audience.

  2. Tap into the Toon's Vibrant Community: From the iconic Hoppings funfair to the Great North Run, Newcastle is a city that loves to celebrate. Get involved with local charities, sponsor events, or create your own unique experiences that capture the Geordie spirit.

  3. Master the Art of Newsjacking, Geordie Style: Be quick on your feet and inject local relevance into national or international news stories. A touch of Geordie wit can go a long way in grabbing attention.

  4. Optimize for "Near Me" Searches: Local SEO isn't just for businesses. PR agencies need to be visible when people are searching for services "near me". Make sure your website and online presence are optimized for local searches.

  5. Tell Stories with a Geordie Twang: Ditch the corporate jargon and embrace the unique language and humor of the region. Whether it's a press release or a social media post, a bit of Geordie charm can make all the difference.

5 Newcastle PR Pitfalls to Avoid (Like the Plague)

  1. Ignoring the Toon's Unique Personality: Don't be a "reet divvy"! Generic press releases won't resonate. Infuse your communication with local references, humor, and a genuine understanding of the Newcastle spirit.

  2. Underestimating the Power of Hyperlocal Media: Don't dismiss those smaller blogs and community newsletters. They often have a loyal following and can be instrumental in reaching niche audiences.

  3. Forgetting the Printed Word: While digital is king, local newspapers like The Chronicle and The Journal still hold considerable sway. A well-crafted press release in print can still make a splash.

  4. Overlooking the Student Market: Newcastle boasts a thriving student population. They have their own media outlets, influencers, and interests. Engage with this demographic to tap into their energy and enthusiasm.

  5. Not Measuring ROI: PR isn't just about generating buzz. It's about delivering tangible results. Track your campaigns, measure your impact, and refine your strategies to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck.


Angel of the North - Gateshead

Newcastle isn't just a city; it's a way of life. PR success here requires more than just generic strategies. It demands a deep understanding of the local culture, a genuine appreciation for the Geordie spirit, and a willingness to embrace the unique quirks that make this city so special. By following the principles in this playbook, you'll be well on your way to cracking the code of Newcastle PR.


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