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Updated: Jun 26

The Wool House logo - Hexham

Developers of The Wool House, Hexham’s 45 one and two-bedroom, duplex and penthouse style apartment development, have set the scene for the year ahead with a two-minute video promoting not just their luxury apartments, but the attractions of living in Hexham and the surrounding area.

Containing some striking images that demonstrate the beauty of the Tyne Valley, the video also provides viewers with a sneak peek at the exterior of the development with its landscaped gardens and at the apartments, and how they could be made to look.

So far hundreds of people have viewed the video – some living as far away as Singapore, Sint Maarten, Australia and EU countries – which should ensure that the benefits of living in the Tyne Valley as well as the luxury accommodation on offer, will be understood much further afield and not just by those who are lucky enough to live in Hexham.

Now scheduled for completion in the summer of 2023, the development has encountered some delays throughout its build programme in keeping with the wider construction industry. However, despite materials availability issues, Covid and other factors, it is now full steam ahead with the launch of the show apartment due to take place at Easter and the final sales brochure containing all the specification details of fixtures and fittings available by mid-March.

Speaking about progress, development director, Bob Skelly, said: “The supplier market has been very challenging when trying to procure the right materials and agree a cost for them, which not only held up the build programme, but also in terms of the information we could provide for potential buyers who are of course keen to know about the type of kitchens and bathrooms we are going to install.

“We have been keen to ensure that the building is water-tight so that we can start work on the internal finishes. We are hopeful that construction will have progressed sufficiently for us to be able to launch the show apartment just before the Easter holidays and we plan to bring in additional tradesmen to make up for some of the lost time.”

Youngs RPS on Priestpopple are agents for the scheme. Associate director, Kim Harrison is pleased with the way interest is shaping up and will soon be contacting the many interested parties on her waiting list with details of the show apartment opening as they will be able to book an individual priority inspection of the apartment before anyone else. She said:

“Apartments are competitively priced, starting at £155,000 for a one-bedroom studio apartment and £255,000 for a two-bedroom apartment and with prices for the apartments on the upper floors available by speaking directly to us. We have already reserved six apartments and marketing will begin in earnest now that we are into 2023 and heading towards the show apartment launch and construction completion.

“Clearly, there is a lot of interest in the apartments on the upper floors because of the fantastic views and there are still a few of these available. However, we have developed a healthy mailing list, regularly keeping people updated on what is happening, so if you are reading this and would like to know more, please get in contact and we will add your name to our database so that you don’t miss out on any important details.”

The Wool House video can be viewed here.


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